Tuesday, March 10, 2020

I have no good reason but

I'm feeling all upbeat and chipper. I got a really good nights sleep and while I didn't get up in such a good mood but my mood has progressed nicely as the morning has moved on. I did cut my hair this morning and that always makes me feel better - I left the top a bit long and the back and sides real short. My head feels so much lighter - I HATE hair, I've tried the bald look and it is so NOT a good look for me.

I've always thought my face was very androgynous looking and as I have aged and sagged I appear even more so. I have never, ever liked to have my photo taken and there are damn few photos of me extant but the one thing I like about my iPhone (and instagram) is taking photos with silly filters. My granddaughter loves this photo and (according to her mother) often demands to see "Silly Nonna picture" -

Nonna Kitty

This morning, after I cut my hair, I thought I might post a photo because I have a friend who a) likes my hair and b) is always amazed that I cut it myself.  So fooling around with Instagram filters and then iPhone edits I came up with this rather dramatic looking, smirking me...I'm not sure you can tell whether I am male or female, and I'm not sure in this day and age whether it matters. Of course if there was a full body shot of me there would hardly be a question of my gender but then again - no, even surgery can't get you legs like mine - I've got great legs and they are definitely lady legs.

I kinda like the smirk tho it looks a bit like I might have some sort of "condition". My only condition is age and cynicism...


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