Saturday, March 07, 2020

I'm very tired today

not just physically, which was to be expected, but mentally and emotionally. So tired. I feel flattened, deflated, uneasy. Every little thing seems to upset me.

I don't spend a lot of time on social networks - I have them all - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook - whatever all else there is - I always sign up for anything new and shiny and then discover I have no use for, or interest in them.

I deactivated Facebook today - not because of all the political posts - I don't see any of those because I don't subscribe to any of them. I have 33 'friends' and that is a few too many - I approved friend requests from people who I did indeed know but who I have no interest in, so I put them in a particular category and I never see their posts not do they see mine.  I think, out of those 33 people, less than 10 see my posts and I theirs.

Yet - FB just annoyed me today - other than the occasional post by our daughter, there's nothing and no one I can't find/contact by other means.

I'm just very tired today.

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