Monday, August 31, 2020

My day so far

~ At 9am the temperature was 72° and the humidity was 76% - now at 11:30am the temp is 76° and the humidity is 74% - given the humidity the windows are closed the a/c is on - Bleah!

~ For the first time in 8 years (8 YEARS!) the grocery stores shelves were all fully stocked.  There was even fresh meat which we haven't seen in 6 months - I didn't buy any 'cause I don't need any (we're living on sausages - beef, pork, lamb, chicken, duck...) but still...Fully stocked shelves - first time in 8 years! 

~ Last week I sent a compliment to Corporate HQ about Dominique and today she tracked me down to let me know they notified her (they give their employees who get compliments a $25 store gift card - cheap bastids.) At least they were efficient in letting her (and her manager) know.

~ Both of our Uber drivers today were thoroughly sweet and charming.

~ Today was also get-up-at-crack-of-dawn-to-do-laundry day - which honestly isn't usually a big deal because I've been up and out of bed well before 6am every day lately. I almost got out of bed at 5am but somehow I sank back into blissful sleep, had a weird dream and then my husband woke me at 6:30 so I could get the damn laundry done.

~ It's been just over a year that my husband fractured his leg and he STILL can't get the hang of using a cane or that he NEEDS one. Today he almost toppled himself TWICE because instead of having the cane on the ground aiding his balance he was kinda waving it around like Charlie Chaplin. I am so tired of his crap - so tired. He says he 'can't remember' he needs a cane - WTF?

Not quite half way through my day and it has been half good and half not-so-good. I'm feeling a little tired and out of sorts, don't know why, no real good reason. I'm feeling a bit put upon by certain people who shall remain nameless because y'all don't know them anyway...and the next sound you will hear is the slamming of doors and the next thing you see will be the burning of bridges -


  1. Yay for stocked shelves, recognition for Dominique and sweet Uber drivers! I was happy you fell back to sleep but not happy about the being woke up at 6:30. You need sleep! I don't know how he can't remember he needs a cane but lord I hope he doesn't realize it as he's on his way down to the ground again! Our windows have been opened all weekend because it's been in the 70s with low humidity but starting tomorrow I guess it's going up to the 90s again for at least a week if not two. I don't recall it being that hot in September before. Sucks.

    1. I'm weary of his "forgetting" how the hell do you forget that you can't walk in a straight line? I have no doubt he will go down again and then we all know what happens then...Our weather is see-sawing one or two days of low humidity and comfortables temps followed by 4 or 5 days of high heat and humidity and then back...Crazy shit.

  2. you awoke to a request to do laundry? You are a better woman than me. My husband would have died a slow painful death if he woke me because he wanted laundry done.

    1. No, no, no! LOL I live in an apartment/condo building and I don't have in-unit washer/dryer. We have 2 laundry rooms on each floor and in order to get my laundry done without numerous trips back and forth to check if the washers/dryers are available I get up no later than 6:30 on laundry days to get first crack at them. I HAVE REQUESTED that my husband wake me on laundry days - so it's MY idea NOT his.