Sunday, August 23, 2020

That's kinda funny

and sweet. This blog went 'live' yesterday with it's first post. I then posted on my Wordpress blog -

This morning when I checked Broadway Matron four people had 'liked' that post. But there had been only one click through to the actual post. I know that because I checked the stats and I know who clicked through - it was me.

So four nice people liked a post that in actuality they never read - they read a post that had a link but not the post.

That's one of the things I like about WP - the LIKE button. With only a very few exceptions most bloggers do not want comments unless you are praising them or agreeing with them. There is no tolerance for any other opinion or room for discussion. So, I don't comment, I just Like when I do like a post but have nothing to say about it - which is most of the time. 

I know it's hard to comment on blogs. Your comment can't be about you and that really makes sense when a person is sharing a personal story. But if they have written well and you identify with or share a similar experience then the urge is there to relate YOUR story. No, no - that's what YOUR blog is for - sharing YOUR story.

Personally I welcome opposing opinions if posed intelligently (not crazy nasty rants.)  I also welcome your stories. Does something I write remind you of something in your life? Wonderful, tell me all about, I'm all ears.

I expect it will take a while for folks to catch up with my peripatetic blog site wanderings and maybe some folks will just throw up their hands and say "Enough - I'm tired of deleting and adding your stupid blog sites." And that's okay of course (as if I have anything to say about what you do.) I'm just here, tawkin' and amusing myself and having fun. 

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