Friday, September 04, 2020

Thissa and Thatta

Finally - today should be the last day of ugly weather, tho right now at 9am - it is quite pleasant. The humidity is a bit ugly at 77% and the temperature is 79° and I expect it will get worse as the day goes by especially with clear and sunny skies. Despite our section of the building being called the 'East Wing' our windows face North-West and by 4 in the afternoon the sun really hits us and heats the place up. Rain, the nearly incessant rain of the last 6 months, holds off, after a big blow through yesterday, until Wednesday.  So looking forward to tomorrow and next week - Open Windows reign again!

Three years ago I began my crazy expensive dental journey that also involved a lot of non-dental doctor visits/tests/scans/medications. It's been about a year and a half now since my last dentist/doctor visits (except for my opthamologist) and in most respects I've never felt better.

Not having teeth of any kind for close to six months meant I lived on gooey low carb bread and peanut butter which resulted in a weight loss of about 25 pounds. Which meant I only had another 25 to lose if I wanted my weight anywhere near what it should be. Losing weight when you are old can either be super easy, or super hard. Easy for unhealthy reasons, hard because your metabolism gets old and sluggish too.

Once I got teeth, I could eat almost normally (with dentures you will never eat normally again) I didn't gain any of the weight back - Surprise! But I also didn't lose any more.

Last March my complete and total meltdown resulted in my eating habits changing to what seems right and natural for me. What I didn't know then was my natural inclination is to be on a 16/8 intermittent eating schedule. I don't consider it a diet per se because I eat whatever I want and I eat whenever I want, it just happens to fall with the parameter of 16/8 fasting.  I naturally stay away from sugar, just not my thing and carbs, also just not my thing. If I lived alone I would probably be more vegetarian than omnivore. But - my husband likes meat...

The 16/8 intermittent fasting pattern looks like this -

This pattern suits me to a tee. I always thought I was a 'must have breakfast' person, turns out to be not true. I've discovered that if I eat breakfast at 7am-ish I am starving by 11am. If I skip breakfast I can barely get up enough will power to eat lunch at 12:30. If I had my way I would probably not eat until 2 or 3pm. But - I don't live alone and therefore must make some concessions to how I want/need to live.

A big meal at night is the worst for me I've discovered. Since not eating at night I sleep better and my stomach upsets are infrequent. I eat my last 'meal' around 6-6:30 and sometimes it consists of just ice cream. Sometimes an egg sandwich or a peanut butter sandwich and sometimes nothing at all. Whatever I'm craving is what I eat.

I've lost another 5 pounds - and my weight fluctuates only a pound or two - either up or down, on a day to day basis. The only time I am hungry is when I deviate from this schedule (like when I eat breakfast).

So many upsides to this for me - I am eating basically how I want to and the kitchen is cleaned and closed by 7pm - my husband still eats an evening meal at 7 but it's usually a sandwich so nothing to clean up. Plus I don't prepare his meal, while he can't even boil water, he can make a sandwich or nuke one of his store bought frozen meals (he's partial to Marie Callender Vermont Mac 'N Cheese).

I don't know why exactly I'm outlining all of this - just that it's been on my mind, mainly because I haven't lost a more substantial amount of weight. 

This way of eating certainly won't suit a person with a family to feed but it suits me perfectly. There is some old saw about listening to your body and it is quite true, I think.


  1. We adapted this sort of eating pattern when The Husband retired. He gets his own breakfast which usually consists of a banana & yogurt. I have my one cup of instant coffee with all the fixins. Then anywhere from noon to 2pm we usually eat our one main meal for the day. It might be as simple as a sandwich for The Husband or I might fix a traditional meal. Most of the time I have a nice big salad because I don't like whatever I've fixed to begin with. Then, in the evening, The Husband usually has something... an apple & peanut butter, a sandwich, leftovers of some sort, etc. ... while I have a banana or a yogurt or a handful of chips or whatever. So you can see I don't eat much but my body is happy so... who am I to argue with it?! I understand your way of eating completely and like you my cooking/eating style would be even simpler if I was living alone.

    1. My husband always eats breakfast and has an afternoon snack - he has type 2 diabetes and has to eat frequently albeit small meals. The only change for him has been eating a big meal in the middle of the day. The 16 hours of fasting is really easy - tho anything more than 50 calories is considered to be breaking the fast. I have coffee with a drop of milk in the morning so I'm still adhering to the 16/8 time frame. But my point was this is the natural way for ME to eat. Plus while it may seem like I am food restricting, I'm not because I eat exactly what I want just in a 8 hour window. I just had some dark chocolate covered dried cherries. It's certainly not for everyone.

  2. I'm glad you found a schedule that works for you and keeps the cooking to a minimum too. I do a 15/9 or 16/8 on the weekends but weekdays it's more of a 14/10 because I have my green drink around 7:30am to get protein in after 6am boot camp and I'm done eating for the day by 5-5:30pm. I'm like G and eat smaller meals in the day to regulate my blood sugar in my attempt to get my hormones in balance. I tell ya, between 20 years of stress as a CPA and now being in hormone hell, I'm on a hormone roller coaster that I can't wait to get off!

    1. I read that most women do better on the 14/10, I'm inclined towards the 16/8 because that seems most natural for me. Then there are days when I eat only one meal, no snacks because that's just what I want and sometimes I do have breakfast making it a 14/10. It just varies but yes, mainly the 16/8. When I worked with a trainer he advised protein an hour before my work out.

  3. I've never been big on breakfast unless someone else cooks it for me. I could do something like this. I've been rather disgusted with myself regarding the amount of weight I've gained. I'm going to give this a try.

    1. Click on the link in the post for more information. It won't be a fast weight loss be it will be a steady one and one that will maintain.