Tuesday, October 13, 2020

For two people who love music as much as my husband and I

 our wedding included no music at all. I had almost no say in how my own wedding went - my husband decided it should be over a long Easter weekend when a big family get together was planned in Boston - his hometown and where all his relatives lived. My idea was to wait until June and just have a big party in the yard - beer and franks, cookies and cake and music blasting. You have to know that we were living in a little USA/Canadian border town and everyone knew everyone and it would have been a blast - trust me.

Anyway - his younger sister  arranged everything, from the church to the reception dinner at a restaurant - and paid for it. The cake was had at his older sister's house where just about everyone was parked in the living room watching the Stanley Cup because - Boston & hockey & the Bruins. 

Anyway - prior to all that my husband and I talked about what 'our' wedding song would be, keep in mind we were in our early 40's  - 

My choice was - 

My husband's choice was -

Don't know why this was particularly on my mind today -

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