Thursday, October 29, 2020

Not here, not now.

 I totally don't get it but I know it's just me. 

We get home delivery of The Washington Post and because of that I get surveys, via email, to participate in. This morning I received a survey about adult activity books that the Post is thinking about providing, as a subscription, for a fee.  So - adult activity books to be completed online. 

The survey started off with a poll - one of those 'how often do you..." and the list included sudoku/word searches, adult coloring, a few others I can't remember plus crosswords. I wish now I had screenshot the survey - because the choices included online and in-print. I checked off never for online or in print, for every category except crosswords - which I NEVER do online, I always print them.  Maybe because I'm old and will always prefer paper and pen.

I don't get Sudoku at all. What is the point to it? My husband says it's a logic puzzle, well there you have it then. My trips down logic lane and anyone else's trip are going to be wildly different. My trip will involve hops, skips, jumps and many, many off-road excursions. Plus it involves numbers which are no friends of mine unless they are occupying bookkeeping territory. I love columns that balance themselves out. I like 1+1=2. 

The coloring book thing - why? I do actually understand where folks might find it soothing. Me? I find it pointless and tedious. And then what do you do with it when it's done? I don't recall having coloring books when I was a kid, maybe in kindergarten? Giving a toddler a coloring book might help with their fine motor skills - stay inside the lines. Maybe I've just always been an 'outside the lines' person - even as a kid. Who knows.

I'm trying to think of some activity, either mental or physical, that I find soothing and I can't think of one. That is a disturbing thought. Am I never calm? Am I never at peace? Am I never soothed? 

I do get lost in time - when I'm working on a poem or editing photos or researching some arcane topic or doing a genealogy search or just trying to solve a problem (like yesterday with my husband's computer) but those are hardly times of calmness - my brain is going a mile a minute even while I may be totally divorced from the here and now. 

I can be laser focused but I can't be calm and peaceful. It's a little weird.


  1. I like to color and I throw the books away when done. I never have time to just sit and color but I enjoy it. It relaxes me and it's mindless. I love to read as well and I don't get a lot of time for that either. Hence why retirement thrills me. I assume I will have time for these things. Sudoku is so not my thing - numbers - yuk. The only 2 things that truly relax me are accupuncture (which I love!) and a massage. Otherwise I am wound up tight!

    1. Wow - my reply could be all 'nother blog post. Anything that has no point has no interest for me. I guess I am goal oriented - I'm not going to spend time and energy doing something that doesn't have a quantifiable and useful end result. I do read quite a bit more now that I have a comfy place to sit but that is hardly soothing - the brain is processing away and the one thing I DO like about ebooks is that I can look up anything that catches my fancy. I've had acupuncture for pain management it it worked brilliantly as for a massage - total anxiety for me. I do not like to be touched! Even by people I know - a stranger touching me? No way jay! It's why I'm not a hugger - hugging is on my Eww list. Do you think I have issues? LOL

  2. Most of my adult colouring time was when I was on psych wards. It was a good way to make time pass.

    I went through a sudoku phase. I found it kind of like narrowing done possibilities in the board game Clue.

    For a few years I had a subscription to the New York Times crossword app. I prefer paper crosswords, but my overall crossword puzzling time increased significantly with the app.

    1. I just don't get Sudouku at all LOL I have a digital subscription to The New York Times (I'm originally from NYC so the Times is like my bible) and until this year you had to pay for a crossword subscription separately from the digital newspaper subscription. Now they changed it - $28 a month and you get everything. I print out the Friday, Saturday and Sunday puzzles - the Monday through Thursday puzzles are too easy to be bothered with, insulting actually. I just don't like typing, especially on my iPad. (I'm beginning to hate that damn thing). I like to sit down with a nice cup of tea at my dining table and do the puzzle, pen in hand.

    2. Yes, Monday to Thursday are way too easy!

    3. Yay, another xword aficionado!


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