Sunday, October 11, 2020


 ~ This morning my husband and I were discussing how difficult it is to find good tradespeople here in North Virginia. My search for house cleaning help has been fruitless. One woman who was recommended to me seemed quite taken aback when I said the furniture needed to be moved during vacuuming. Excuse me, you mean you were just going to vacuum the center of the room? I'm not expecting anyone to move the sofa and large things like that but the dining chairs, side tables - small things - well, they need to be picked up (like the pet steps at the foot of the bed) or moved.  I shall have to try the cleaning companies next, I'm at my wits end. We need help.

Point was - when we lived in Philadelphia we renovated, or should I say RE-renovated (don't ask, we were foolish first time buyers with a lousy real estate agent) a house. Philadelphia is a blue collar town and the trades people are top notch because - they are family businesses. They take pride in their skills and their place in the community. Our electrician - 3G - for 3 generations. And then we had a handyman who was so effin' phenomenal I can't even list his abilities and what he did for us - plus he and his wife became our friends. 

We had a young woman help with the housework. She was self-employed and just a treasure. When we sold the house my husband found a cleaning company, one of those new-fangled green cleaning companies (which I prefer) to come in and clean the place for the new owners and that place was immaculate and spotless when they were done - everything looked brand new including all the appliances. The buyers thanked my husband profusely because that house was beyond move-in ready. Wish I could find find another Amanda or another company like that here. 

~ I've become so accustomed to wearing a mask when I leave the apartment that I often forget to take it off when I'm home. I often say that I can understand, on an intellectual level, why people do things but not on an emotional level but - Not wearing a mask? I cannot understand that on ANY level. What the fuck is wrong with people? What is it about this virus that they do not get? One can only hope that what they do not get is the virus itself. Holy Crap!

~ I do not understand how anyone can support the current administration and the majority of the Republican party. How? What is it that you don't get? How much more of your future and your children's future can you watch being destroyed before the light starts to shine? 

I worked in commercial/retail real estate in New York City from 1979 to 1989. I worked for an international real estate company. We were at one point the third highest grossing real estate company in the country. Oh the stories I could tell...and none of them are good. How does anyone with a conscience and with any moral code at all support this administration? How? Where are your values? Where is your awareness of basic human decency? 

~ I read my latest medical summary of visit and I had to laugh. The many topics that were supposedly discussed never were. It was a cut and paste so they could bill my insurance company for these 'educational talks'. I've noticed it before and I laughed. I was also labeled 'agitated' and 'aggressive' because I expressed my anger at, and dislike for, the way I was treated and misinformed. I don't know - was that sexist? Would a man expressing his similar opinions be labeled aggressive? But yes, I guess I was aggressive. I was confrontational. I was opinionated - and in no uncertain terms. 

And you know what? I don't care! Fuck 'em!


  1. I've got the same "labels", Grace. I don't like canned responses put on my medical chart. From the first visit to my current doctor, over a year ago, the statement of "unexplained weight gain" was put on my chart. Where the hell did he ever get that from? I've weighed the same the last 15 years, which happens to be 7 lbs. more than I weighed when I got pregnant with our firstborn... 38 years ago. Gawd! I have a normal BMI. Now was he thinking about someone else when he entered that information into my chart? Was his office girl thinking about someone else when she typed that information into my chart? Who the hell knows but I'm always meaning to say something about it when I go in but I forget about it. It's printed on the summary sheet I'm handed on my way out.

    I remember when families used to hire cleaning help from ads in the newspaper or the church bulletin on Sundays. There were no "companies" that used to clean... just individual women who were trying to supplement the family's income or widows trying to support themselves. The same went for women who would cook for weddings and funerals. We knew who to call as the same 3-4 women in town used to do all the cooking for various events... and it was basic food too: fried chicken, rolled up ham slices, homemade mashed potatoes & gravy, 9x13 pans of different jello salads, kielbasa & sauerkraut, bread & butter... all put out on big tables for people to serve themselves. But now.... *humphfff*.... it's wedding "companies" that make all kinds of fancy foods (that don't even taste good, if you ask me) and charge an arm & a leg for it... and nobody's full when they're done eating.

    Life's different now and I feel bad for all the generations after ours. Things were so much nicer back then.

    ~Andrea xoxo

    1. It's a cultural thing - food for events - you've listed mid-Western fare - which would never fly where I'm from LOL But any formal events were always held in formal venues - OMG - you should have seen some of them - the fountains, the crystal - Italians don't do anything by halves. Tho for the less affluent there were "football' weddings - still catered but a tad more casual shall we say. Funerals - again, depends on the economics of the family - catered or home done as one's finances dictated. I worked for a catering company here in NoVA and I can tell you the food was superb and there was plenty of it and it ranged from French cuisine with white gloved wait staff to down home BBQ and the best fried chicken you ever laid your lips around!

    2. I'd love to have had a piece of that chicken you speak of, Grace. Fried chicken is one of my favorite foods. I'll bet it was delicious!

    3. Diane, the Executive Chef for the catering company grew up on what she called a plantation in Farmville, VA - I guess it was a corporate farm and when she was 7 or 8 she had a choice - work the fields or work in the kitchen, she chose the kitchen. Fast forward many years and she was working as a cook and bookkeeper for a small take-out joint which was bought by a woman who wanted to expand it. She was smart enough to recognize Diane's business and cooking skills and sent her to culinary school and then started the catering company with Diane in charge of the kitchen (and just about everything else). Menu items ranged from fancy French cuisine to BBQ's - the only cuisine Diane couldn't master was Middle Eastern - she just didn't like the way it tasted LOL Whenever customers requested Middle Eastern food Diane would bring in an independent chef to do those menu items - it was kinda a company in-joke but man oh man when it came to Southern cooking no one could beat her - And Italian food. She LOVED Italian food, we used to joke that she was Black on the outside and Italian on the inside and that I was Italian on the outside and Black on the inside - gimme those collard greens and ham hock any day!

  2. We've had trouble with tradespeople in the past but these days we go of recommendations - that's the way forward.




    1. you would think, wouldn't you LOL With housekeeping help that hasn't proved useful. Thi when someone in my building was looking for a kitchen/bath renovator I offered up the company I used and the people were quite pleased with the work done. Of course I had found that company on my own as the recommendations I had received were less than wonderful in price and workmanship. So I guess I am on my own here...*sigh*

  3. Depending on where in NoVa you live I have a couple of cleaning people that were great for me. But once covid started I backed out. you can always go to my blog and send me an email and I'll let you know who I have...depending on where you are location here.