Friday, October 02, 2020

Still rather talk than type

 Days are so busy - maybe because it takes my husband and I so long to get anything done. Between his many conditions that affect his balance and mobility and my total lack of energy because of anemia (that's what they call it after you have lost 1/2 your blood supply - anemia) we both move slower than molasses going up a hill on a rainy day. 

We still have a food supply issue mostly because we don't have a car to drive from store to store and no one store has all the things we need. Food is available, just at 4 or 5 different places. My husband pretty much lives on sandwiches and he likes a particular baked-in-house bread that we get at HT. I've been eating 647 bread (lo-carb) and it was only gettable at HT except I haven't been able to get any for over a month. 

Meat is still not in large supply - packages of "fresh" meat are marked "Previously frozen" which means I can't re-freeze it and honestly, even when I splurged on steaks they tasted awful. 

I became aware of a local charcuterie that delivers! They make their own sausages and have added fresh meats. So while almost all our main meals consist of sausage it is beef, pork, lamb and turkey. Which is a wider variety of meat than we were eating before. They have added burgers and chicken breasts - so on that front we are actually eating better than before.

Still - with our transportation issues and physical issues, keeping other items on hand can be difficult. My husband stopped drinking soda and now drinks flavored seltzer, okay no biggie unless you have to carry the 12-packs from the shelf to the shopping cart to the curb to the car trunk to sidewalk to another cart just to get it into your house. We can't do that easily. We both walk with canes now. 

The other week I tried delivery service from HT and that was a disaster, seriously could not even get milk. Today I saw a Giant truck leaving the parking lot and SMH - of course, why haven't I been ordering from Giant. OK, they don't have everything I need but they have MOST of what I need (and do please notice I said NEED not WANT.) 

I did a Giant order. I bought a lot of store brand items because they are just as good as the name brand items. My husband's frozen dinners were out of stock but at least they carry them. I scored a loaf of bread which quite frankly will last me 2 weeks if not more. 

Tomorrow I will put in my sausage/burger/chicken order - I do that every 2 weeks or so. We will still have to go to HT but maybe only every other week if my husband buys a couple of loaves of bread and freezes them. Because going forward, covid or no covid we are going to have to have extra help to do everything.

I'm still trying to get a house cleaning service. No offense but I do not want a miniature Latino woman cleaning my house using 3 rolls of paper towels. I interviewed one woman and she looked at me like I was crazy when I said I wanted the furniture moved when she vacuumed. What - she was just going to vacuum the middle of the room? And then someone in my building recommended a husband/wife team describing them as "Older and slow but very thorough" - Oh hell, that describes me and my husband!  

Our apartment is a pigsty and if I don't get it cleaned soon I will lose what is left of my tiny little mind. I HATE the idea of someone coming in and cleaning BUT I ain't gonna be stupid and try to do what I am NOT supposed to do and quite frankly can't do. I may be stubborn but I ain't stupid. 


  1. Good luck in finding good help, Grace. It seems impossible to find these days, as you can attest. The local casino in our town contracts-out their carpet & upholstery cleaning to a cleaning service called ServPro, where my son works. My son's job is totally dedicated to the casino and he's the supervisor of the crew that does that. Oh my word, trying to find good help is nearly impossible! Everybody works for awhile & then quits. I guess they get paid more from the government than they do actually working for their keep. The worst thing our government could have done was institute the welfare payment system. Hell, welfare recipients even get free cell phone service & internet now. Who needs to work?!! Please pardon me... this subject always gets me on a rant so I'll stop here. Anyway, good luck with finding the help you & your husband need, Grace. If I lived next door at least you'd have all the groceries you need/want, without question. ~Andrea

    1. I was really impressed with Giant grocery delivery. If you pick an off time for delivery you get a discount on the delivery fee so that's nice. We just have to plan how to keep stocked, so maybe a trip to HT every 2 weeks and freeze the extra bread and every week and a half for Giant for deli meat and cheese...We will wind up coming even or even saving on Uber costs. I can't believe I didn't think of them sooner. I'm getting desperate in finding household help.

  2. Is there a meat shortage where you are Grace?

    1. There are still many kinks in the supply chain - of food and many other items. Meat packing plants are hotbeds of Covid infections and some were closed down completely. Since I don't have access to many stores (we don't have a car to drive all ver the area) I only know that our main grocery chain still does not have a supply of 'fresh' meats.