Monday, October 05, 2020

We are both slower than slow but getting it done.

My 'conditions' have me moving slow - and I've never moved slow in my life before! My husband's 'conditions' have him moving slow, but then he was always slow so now his activity level is glacial BUT together we are getting things done - slowly.  After all these years we have finally reached a point where we can do household chores together without my snapping his head off or him getting frustrated. The man is trying so hard (bless him).

My 'conditions' also have him paying more attention to the things he has to do to keep himself  healthy and by that I mean - using his cane all the time, watching where and how he walks or bends over - he fell on his ass the other day - he realizes that this time around he has to take care of ME - he's never had to do that before, I've always been his carer. Last year when he fractured his femur it nearly did me in. 

I met with my new PCP this morning. He spent an hour with me going over my recent hospitalization and a quick romp through past history. I love this man! He is just so nice and funny and to the point and he doesn't talk to me like I'm an idiot. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I have an appointment with the cardiology office and I'm not looking forward to that - mostly because they are pretentious, obnoxious pricks. 

It's been really chilly here for the past week and we haven't had any heat, scuttlebutt is that the heat may go on on Wednesday. You see the condo I live in is "all utilities included" so we have no control over heat and a/c. This is a big building and it takes several days to switch from heat to a/c or a/c to heat. Of course the upside to "all utilities included" is you never run out of hot water, you can leave all the lights on if you like and have heat or a/c as high or low as you want. That said - we are still careful how we use energy sources tho I probably use too much water (mea culpa). 

I have two friends with birthdays coming up and I haven't been able to get them birthday cards because - well, I've been a bit busy being ill. I'm annoyed with myself about that - I LOVE sending birthday cards. 

I suppose I could rail and rant about the state of the world but I'm worn out with it. I've got a massive headache from constantly shaking my head at the complete and utter stupidity of supposedly intelligent people when it comes to Covid and prevention. What will it take to get through to these assholes? I read the newspapers, watch the news and I just splutter because, like so many of you, I have been rendered speechless by all the ignorance. What the hell is wrong with people? Wear the damn mask and back off away from me...Oy! I know, I know - 7 months, going into the 8th and still...and yet...I can't even anymore.


  1. This made me think of the saying "slow and steady wins the race". It's nice to have a doctor that you like. The ENT I go to is an arrogant jerk. If at all possible I'll go to his PA instead

    1. The PCP group I had been going to were a bunch of nasty-ass women! Hated their guts which is why I stopped going to a doctor. I suppose if I had been going to the doctor, at least for an annual check-up, this might have been avoided. When the staff doctor at the hospital suggested that group as my PCP I practically shouted NO WAY!. Dr. Puig is a doll. G and I share the same ENT, nicest man on the planet! And the gastrointestinal doctor I got assigned to is also a super nice man. For the first time in my life I am pleased with my medical providers (what a shock!) Now the cardiologist - whole 'nother ball game.

  2. It sounds like you and hubby are understanding each other better and that's probably a good thing. There's nothing like wearing the other person's shoes for awhile. There's also nothing like having a good PCP, I swear. The office help being nice, in the PCP's office, is an added bonus. Having both at the same time seems like a large order, doesn't it. *gawd*

    Do you enjoy doing crafts & such, Grace? Please forgive me but I've forgotten, if you've mentioned it before. Card-making is a nice hobby... our blogging friend, Ann, does it. You never run out of cards that way, I guess.

    Hell yeah, it's a big deal when you have "all utilities included"!! I'm jealous. The last 3 months' worth of utility bills for us have all been over $300!! *growl* And we're not big users of natural gas & electric! So yeah, I'd be the same as you & have a little patience for them to turn on the heat or a/c ... cos the alternative can be brutal.

    Keep recuperating well, my friend. I think about you often. ~Andrea

    1. I've 'known' Ann for about 15 years now! I have actually bought some of her crafts and she has gifted me a few as well. And, no - LOL I don't do crafts - of any kind - so not my thing. I've 'made' cards by printing out a funny photo of the person (when I had one) and glueing it on to another card that I re-purposed.

      People complain about the high condo fees in this building but they forget what they are getting for their money - this building is brilliantly run and the building and grounds are immaculate and yes, I get to take a 1/2 hour shower! Bur right now I am freezing my ass off LOL