Wednesday, January 06, 2021


 Lisa says my love language is generosity. I think that's because I truly enjoy giving gifts, it probably gives me more pleasure than than it does to the recipients. Since my friends are scattered all over the country material gifts are all I can give. I can't offer babysitting or a surprise meal when I "see" their lives are a bit crazy or a helping hand with some project or other (I'm so good at organizing!). 

I am lucky that at this point in my life I have the financial wherewithal to be generous (within reason - no, sorry but a new car or a mortgage payment or school tuition doesn't fall within my means.)

And not to pat myself on the back I am a primo gift giver. It is one of my few talents. My husband has always marveled at this little knack I have for choosing the right gift. Yet it is so easy to choose the perfect gift - all you need to do is listen. You need to pay attention to what people are NOT saying as well.  

Then again, sometimes they do say what they want/need, often in an oblique way. Like a posting that asks if anyone has a something or other they aren't using and might be willing to sell - Ok, here you go - have a brand new one. 

For my stressed out, insomniac friends - lavender. Sachets for the linen closet which will scent their bed linens or lavender cologne which can be sprayed on their person, or into the air  - lavender is my go-to stress reliever. 

And then there is always See's chocolates. I know the favorites of some friends so I can do a personalized selection, just as some folks prefer the classic mix.  Chocolate is always a perfect gift except for the folks who are not fond of it. Yes, I know, weird but there are folks who are not big fans of chocolate. Know your people. 

I have a friend who seems afraid of using color in her clothing, and I don't know if she ever really wears the gifts I send her but I often gift her items in pale green and in soft floaty fabrics - that is how I see her. Green is the color of the heart chakra and while I am no believer in chakras I know this woman to have the kindest of hearts. 

Here's the thing tho - I like to send random gifts. Just because gifts. Please don't expect a birthday gift from me, or a Christmas gift. But mention that there is a little do-dad that might make your life easier or that you can't quite bring yourself to buy for some odd reason - THAT will appear on your doorstep. 

With love, from me. 


  1. This was a beautiful post to read after removing my self from todays horrific historical mess.

    1. This posted around Noon today - I am basically off-line most afternoons but had to make a quick trip out this afternoon and in the Uber coming back the driver had the news on his radio - as soon as we got home m husband turned the tv on - I think a blood vessel in my brain is about to burst - I just can't even...

  2. I've been the lucky recipient of some of your gifts. They have always brightened my day and been perfect. I've always wanted to be a good gift giver but more often than not my intentions are better than my follow through.

    1. You are one of my favorite people to send little gifts too...tho I think the tiara is my favorite so far...I expect it to go into Presley's dress-up box and can't wait to see her in it onee of these days(tho I must admit it looks fab on you!)


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