Thursday, February 11, 2021

Soup is NOT food or a meal.

 What is it with people and soup? Soup is not food, or a meal. A meal is something which, at the very least, one eats with a fork. It is solid and substantial. Anything not served on a plate with a fork is something else. A snack.  Dessert. Something one eats to assuage one's hunger until one can eat a meal.

Food and eating is psychological for me. I don't feel like I've 'eaten' unless I've a fork in my hand. Sandwiches, some of which I enjoy, are also not a meal, they are a stop-gap. 

If it's a liquid then it's a drink, not a meal. Not food. It's something else and not satisfying. Psychologically I don't feel like I've eaten. Thankfully I'm aware that, on the rare occasions when a meal has consisted of soup and a sandwich, I have eaten and I'm no longer physically hungry. Else I would continue to seek out 'food' and a 'meal'. 

Grilled cheese sandwich and soup - not a meal. Yet hunger assuaged therefore no looking for lamb chops and a nice veg.  

Spoons are for eating ice cream. I was never much of a cereal eater because that usually involved milk and I don't drink milk (lactose intolerant). So I've never associated any kind of meal with liquids and spoons. 

I didn't grow up eating a lot of soup - Campbell's tomato soup - made with milk - ugh. Made with water - double ugh. Either way it always upset my stomach and yet it was the only soup I remember as a kid. 

Being Italian and all, sometimes lunch would be like an antipasto - sopressata, provolone, pepperoncini, artichoke hearts, chunks of lovely Italian bread - still some of that eaten with forks and some with one's hands. A meal? Yes and no, it was still a sort-of antipasto and therefore not a whole meal.

But soup? No - soup is not a meal, I don't even consider it food. It's just a bowl of liquid with a hodge-podge of stuff floating in it.

Lately I've seen recipes for soup that have leafy vegetables in it. Seriously? Soggy leafy vegetables floating in a bowl of liquid? This you eat and say "Yum"? And then the leafy vegetable of choice being kale? Anyone who says they like kale is lying. No one with active taste buds likes kale. Plus it will do a number on your digestive system, and not a number you will like. Oh my lord, NO to effin' kale. I don't think even garlic and olive oil would make kale palatable. Kale is like the old prank joke no soap, radio. But I digress, as  I usually do.

It seems I have reached the end of what I had to say - soup is not a meal, or really any part of a meal. If anyone wants to try and convince me otherwise, don't bother. And kale was invented by the devil and he laughs his ass off every time someone buys into it being something edible.

It just crossed my mind that there is something called Devil's Food Cake - which is chocolate and chocolate is the invention of angels. So why do they call Angel's Food Cake, which is NOT chocolate, angel's food? Makes no sense.

Send chocolate - but dark chocolate, not milk chocolate because I don't like milk. 

Chocolate - I need chocolate! 


  1. This was a fun read! Love hearing your reasons for why you like or don't like what you like or don't like! I enjoy hearing your Italian roots since it's so different than my Midwest roots because in the heart of BBQ country we know ribs aren't eaten with a fork but they're a meal. Same with non-boneless chicken. With a Mexican in the house we don't use forks for tacos or burritos either. I'm not a big fan of soup so I do agree with you there but we love chili and eat it with a spoon. Anyway, when I read your stories I picture you (as best I can) in NYC and wish I could hear you tawk about so much more of your life there!

    1. Well damn girl! I love me some BBQ! But Southern BBQ - meaning pork. Gawd I love ribs. And yes you eat that with your hands, no forks, but sides are eaten with a fork! Pizza is a hands only food - I think it's totally weird when someone eats pizza with a knife and fork - WTH??? Being from NYC eating while walking is a thing - but it's not a meal of course - a frankfurter with mustard, sauerkraut and onions from a street vendor - Yes! Miss that. Fried chicken - eaten out of hand but a fork for the sides. I don't eat tacos, burritos etc - never cared for them. I used to eat chili but haven't in years, my elderly stomach protests too much plus - beans.

      It's mostly just soup I don't like and see no purpose for...soup is just not food. And people go on and on about it like it's some kind of wonderful - No.

  2. I just don't like soup except for cheesy potato soup and that is comfort food. Also I am a food purest, one food at a time and that rules out soups and stews. Maybe it's all my food allergies and soups often have 'secret' ingredients. And I do not eat beans or peas, something often in soups. I am what is known as an extremely picky eater and even as a child I would choose to go hungry then to eat some foods. So picky I don't even like chocolate, I do eat it occasionally though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. So different foods all cooked together is a no-no for you - like a stir-fry or something like that? I'm not crazy about beans either but I seem to be developing a taste for beans in tomato sauce aka pork and beans. Actually there used to be a chunk of "pork" in Campbell's pork and beans which was really gross but they don't do that anymore. Peas are interesting, I think the texture gets to some people, I've been hankering for peas and eggs and onions - something my mother would make, haven't had it in 50 years! Of course onions, which I like very much are not really my friends anymore *sigh* Lima beans are disgusting. Again texture I think, tho the taste isn't anything to praise either. I don't like the texture of oatmeal - automatic barf - cannot have it in my mouth much less swallow it.

      I've discovered I can't tolerate milk chocolate - it tastes icky. And because of my lactose intolerance I can't eat solid chocolate - but fruit dipped in dark chocolate? Yum. Dark chocolate covered nuts, or fruit filling? Oh yes, please! Fruit and chocolate - what's better than that?

  3. Pork and beans does still exist, but it's less prominently displayed than the beans in tomato sauce.

    For me, the meal-worthiness of soup is dependent on thickness. Thick, blended soups like split pea soup or lentil soup can do meal duty, but watery soups, no way.

    1. I just checked - and "pork and beans" is prominently displayed on the label, 'in tomato sauce' is in smaller print under that - thankfully that blob of so-called pork is no longer included! Oh boy do I dislike split pea soup and lentil soup - again texture (and taste plus it's soup!).

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  5. sorry about above.
    So you never enjoyed Italian Wedding soup? That is so odd to me. But I'm glad cuz more for me. I HATE soup from a can because it's not real food and tastes like s-t. But homemade soup - oh yes, that's to die for. My niece hates campbells tomato soup. I made homemade and asked her to try it, if she hates it she didn't have to eat. She had 2 bowls. If you are judging by a can that is like comparing hersheys chocolate to a premium European chocolate. No comparison that they are not even the same food! But ya like, what ya like. Do you eat chili and stews? Or are those not meals for you either? Well at least I don't have share with you then. ๐Ÿ˜‹ That works out ok for us both

    1. I have no idea what Italian wedding soup is - so no, I've never had it. Homemade soup was not a thing in our house, tomato soup was the only soup available and we kids made it ourselves it was never served to my father! Stew made my style - with tomatoes not brown gravy-ish - I usually eat with a fork since it is thick and chunky. I used to make and eat chili, and if I served just like that, out of the pot, then, yes, ate with a spoon. Mostly tho I preferred to put it over spaghetti or rice and ate it with a fork.

      I see all these soup recipes with leafy vegetables in them and I can't imagine anything more gross - soggy vegetables? Yuk. No one can convince we that soup is food or even edible - it's just weird, and gross.


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